Funeral Planning: S.T.I.A.P, pre-need and pre-payment planning for funeral services.
Why do I need a funeral?

A funeral is a time when we are faced with the reality that someone we love has left us. It is the last time to “celebrate their life”. It brings together close friends and relatives who can lend support when it is needed most. It is an opportunity for relatives and friends to express the love and respect they feel for someone so important to them. Very often, seeing how much others cared can be a tremendous support to families adjusting to the loss of a loved one. The funeral is an appropriate time to say ‘goodbye’, which is important in beginning the healing process.

We can help by tending to the many details that must be handled after a death. We will accommodate any special request that might bring comfort and meaning to the service and help families face the future with renewed strength.

At Par-Troy Funeral Home, we offer several types of funerals to you or your loved one. How do I arrange and plan for my funeral or the funeral of a loved one?

When you are faced with losing a loved one, the thought of planning a funeral can be emotionally devastating. This can be an extremely stressful time in one’s life. A family can become reluctant to think that someone they love is dying; the thought of planning a funeral in advance tends to be delayed. Death occurs and then decisions must be made. Planning in advance can eliminate much of the stress involved before a loved one passes away.

Advanced Planning and S.T.I.A.P offers you the time to think about what type of funeral you would desire for either yourself or a loved one.

You can arrange an appointment with one of our staff. Appointments can be made in your home or in our office. Our goal in meeting with you is to explain all of your options, giving you the information and the opportunity to make choices that are of your choosing. (Our staff will present you with a General Price List, Casket Price List and Statement of Funeral Goods and Services as regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. (A Licensed New Jersey Funeral Director can only complete advanced Funeral Planning with you.) The better informed you are about the Par-Troy Funeral Home, the more you will come to appreciate the difference in our service for you.

Our Funeral Directors and Staff are experts in all aspects of Advanced Funeral Planning. They will guide you through each step of the process, explaining all of the details. They will establish a personal file containing all your biographical information, your specific requests, and the type of service selected. (This can be updated at any time). Your file will be kept at the funeral home. You will receive a copy of the file to take home with you. If the advanced planning pertains to you, you should inform a loved one or friend where your personal file may be located.

Advanced Pre-Payment Planning. This method permits you to pay for a funeral ahead of time. Your money is deposited into a trust fund. The interest accruing from the deposit covers any future increased costs. In the State of New Jersey, the most popular trust account is with the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association (New Jersey Pre-Paid Trust Fund). The N.J.P.P.T.F. guarantee 100 % of the money invested and is refundable at any time with accumulated interest. The money is not refundable in the event of a person being a Medicaid recipient. By law, the trust fund must be established as “Irrevocable”. Making pre-paid funeral arrangements during the ‘spend down” process prior to becoming a Medicaid recipient is in compliance with Medicaid Law.

People choose the method of Pre-Payment in order to relieve a loved one of the burden of future financial costs. All of the above is conducted in accordance with the law requirements of the State of New Jersey. The recipient will receive an annual statement from the Trust Fund as to the balance in the account with the accumulating interest contained therein.

S.T.I.A.P. Sure Trust Insurance Administration Program. This new program by the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association enables you to assign your existing “paid up” insurance policies to pay for funeral expenses without surrendering them for a lesser cash value prior to the time of death. At the time of death, payment is made from the trust fund directly to the funeral home, and the residue insurance remuneration is sent directly to the estate, eliminating paperwork for the family. A one time administrative fee $50 and thereafter a quarterly fee $10 is imposed by the Association for participation. The benefit to you is that fees imposed are generally less than the penalties for cashing out the policy before death. (Once again this option is recommended when arrangements are irrevocable for Medicaid eligibility)

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